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Future Vision

Future Vision

Titan’s reputation as an excellent supplier of components for motorsport, automotive and other applications is well-established following four decades of dedicated effort. The company has grown a great deal in this time but how will the company develop over the next decade? We ask Titan’s Managing Director George Lendrum what he thinks the future has to offer.

Since its formation in 1975, Titan has become well respected and recognised within the UK’s motorsport and automotive industries. Titan is now relied upon by numerous high-profile motorsport teams, specialist niche car manufacturers as well as international automotive and aerospace OEMs for the design and manufacture of performance critical components.

This is not a coincidence as George explains: “First off, it is important to recognise that Titan has a good number of committed and very skilled employees. Titan has always focussed a lot of its resources on ensuring the right people are in place. Without this done, you cannot achieve the quality output that is desired.” George continues; “Since Titan has consistently provided this quality output, it has built up a solid and loyal customer base. Obviously, a business cannot thrive and continue to sustain itself if it doesn’t make its customers happy, and Titan have been doing a superb job at that for decades.”

Titan are a company with strong moral values, and a deep-rooted company ethos of delivering high quality products and high customer satisfaction. George is keen to build on this, ensuring that Titan continues to progress; “Over the coming years, Titan will undoubtedly evolve and I envisage that Titan will become a much more integrated part of the supply chain for our customers.” George states. “We are already seeing that, more and more, we are asked to provide engineering solutions, not just component production. So we will see more development and more technology being applied to provide solutions with Titan playing a bigger role in the engineering of our customer’s products. This is something we’re set up to do perfectly.”

Titan has a history of consistent investment in the Site, its machinery and people, and again George sees this continuing. “We’ve seen throughout Titan’s history that there has always been sensible investment and diversification and growth. Going forward we will continue to see that, in today’s business environment you cannot afford to stand still” he explains.

A detailed business strategy is already in place, incorporating five and ten year investment plans to ensure Titan can stay at the forefront in terms of technology and people. If George is right, Titan will be considerably larger within the next decade

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