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Titan and the Mountain Monster

Earlier this month, multiple Hill Climb champion Reto Meisel unveiled the Carlsson Mercedes SLK340, AKA “the Mountain Monster”.

Reto Meisel had wanted to follow-up his “Mountain 190S” Mercedes 190 RM1 V8 Hill Climb car with another record breaking machine, and with the SLK340 being 50 kgs lighter but having 50 bhp more horsepower, this is a goal that can be considered achieved. Weighing in at just 780 kgs but packing a 620 bhp punch, the Monster is certainly not to be trifled with!

The project received official support from Daimler AG, who supplied two SLK bodies as well as treasure trove of CAD data to enable the team to build the formidable racer.  The car features a naturally aspirated 3.4 litre Judd V8 engine with a Hewland transaxle ‘box.

Reto turned to Titan for one of the most safety critical parts on the car, the steering rack, a challenge Titan were delighted to meet.

“Of course we are very enthusiastic to be working on an exciting car like this” said Titan’s Sales and Marketing Manager Zoe Timbrell. “The cars that race in the silhouette class in the German Hill Climb Championship are pretty sophisticated pieces of machinery.”

Working together with the team at Meisel Motorsport, Titan were able to optimise the specification for the rack to be ideally suited to the car’s need as well as stringent packaging and weight limit requirements.

“It was good to work with Titan,” states Kenny Allan, electrics and suspension geometry engineer at Team Meisel. “They were very attentive to our needs, and came up with exactly the solution we wanted, within the budget we wanted it for. Obviously, the steering rack is hugely important but with Titan’s excellent reputation, we were very comfortable going with them, and they have been great.”

Launched in time for an assault on the 2015 German and Swiss Hill Climb Championships, Reto’s ultimate aim is to take the car to the world-famous Pike’s Peak Hill Climb in 2016, and unusually, he’s not against furnishing his opposition with a rather potent weapon; “If someone if interested in the SLK340, we will build them one, no problem!”

The launch video of the car (in German) can be watched below:


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