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Titan Welcomes College Students

Titan Welcomes College Students

On September 16th, Titan hosted a group of students from the College of West Anglia and provided a guided tour of the premises. Titan co-owner, and Chairman Oz Timms led the tour, showing the students the full range of services that Titan offers, with a view to broadening their ideas of what manufacturing can offer them as a career.

“At Titan, we believe it is important to ensure the next generation of engineering students are inspired and understand what the opportunities are in manufacturing. Hosting a visit like this, we can show the students “behind the scenes” of a working modern design and manufacturing facility.  This is just one of many ways that we try to educate young people about careers in engineering.” commented Oz.

Oz’s tour took the students through the entire process offered by Titan, starting in the design studio, where the students were able to see first-hand current engineering projects. Examples included bespoke inlet system design and steering solutions.  From there they headed through to production engineering, showing them how the team takes the CAD models produced by the design team, and creates programs that run the machines; designs the fixtures to hold the components and considers the most efficient methods of manufacture.  Next stop was production where they were introduced to the wide range of machining centres and learnt what determines which machines components are run on, considering bed size, cutter feed, and required numbers of tools for each job.  In addition to the CNC machines, the students were also able to see how Titan uses a range grinding and gear cutting machines centres to support the larger scale CNC facilities.

With Quality at the heart of all engineering businesses, the students got to see how Titan maintains high levels of focus on quality, and how it is integrated into all that is done.  Using on machine checking, a central inspection location housing a CMM for checking all parts.  Final parts of the tour included our clean assembly facility, which builds products from one off batch sizes up to full production, and our dispatch department.

Guy Bridge, LSO (Learner Support Officer) for the Technology Dept. at the College of West Anglia commented: “It was an extremely interesting and enjoyable tour around Titan.  Oz also shared some valuable insights with us, and it is inspirational real-life examples like this that may help to open our student’s eyes and perhaps even be the trigger that spurs them onto greater things in the future.”

Oz enjoyed the opportunity to inspire more into the exciting world of engineering, “Our industry relies on the recruitment and education of the next generation of engineering students, so any opportunity to support this aim, Titan will always been keen to help.”

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