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Zenos E10 Collaboration

Zenos E10 Collaboration

Since Zenos Cars’ formation in 2012, Titan have been collaborating with them on the design and development of products for the E10, E10 S and E10 R lightweight sports cars.
The combined expertise of both companies is the perfect recipe to deliver thrilling and accessible driving experiences.

With a strong ethos of providing their customers with affordable and exhilarating driving experiences, Zenos have created car that offer a perfect combination of innovation and performance, evident in their ever-growing range of vehicles. This creates specific requirements both for the vehicles and the components required to deliver on these important customer promises.

The key to Titan’s involvement is our ability to develop components while understanding the ‘bigger picture’. Throughout our 40-year history, Titan have not only always designed and manufactured components of the highest quality, but often provided valuable input into the design and production engineering process to ensure that the customer ends up with the optimum solution for their application.

One key example is that of the steering rack: the bespoke solution for the unique arrangement of the E10 series was the result of a modular approach and delivered the optimum solution for the entire car, rather than for the individual assembly.

Titan’s 40 years of expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance, precision-engineered components is not restricted to motorsport and automotive but extends to the marine, defence and aerospace sectors.

“The relationship that we have managed to build with Zenos is huge testament to the quality of work that we have consistently delivered over the years,” commented Zoe Timbrell, Titan Marketing Manager.

For more information about the Zenos E10 range visit www.zenoscars.com – or for more information on how Titan could help you contact Zoe Timbrell on +44(0) 1480 474 402 or zoe.timbrell@titan.uk.net.

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