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Bloodhound Gathering Pace

Bloodhound Gathering Pace

The last time we reported on the Bloodhound project, they had just fitted the specially designed Titan steering rack. Since then, the project has made significant steps towards achieving their aim of breaking the 1,000 mph barrier.
Following the steering rack, Bloodhound have installed the gearbox, and significantly the EJ200 jet engine. The 1000kg Eurofighter Typhoon powerplant produces 20,000 lbs (90kN) or 9 tonnes of Thrust and will be hung from a single mounting point within the upper chassis.

Attention then turned to the air brake assembly, a tricky task given that the doors have a 3 dimensional curve.

Away from the actual car assembly, the team conducted a high-speed communications test on site at Hakskeen Pan, South Africa. The test incorporated an L39 jet aircraft flying multiple passes over the Bloodhound desert track, while two Jaguar test vehicles carried the data gathering equipment.

With data from over 300 sensors along with three streams of 720p video being transmitted live via a single channel from Bloodhound, communications are a critical aspect for the team. Following the test, the project’s radio infrastructure has been finalised and successfully tested.

“It good to see the progress that the Bloodhound team are making” says Titan’s Sales and Marketing Manager Zoe Timbrell. “They are overcoming the technological and physical challenges they are faced with all the time. We enjoy working with them and being part of the team, and we can’t wait for the attempt to take place later this year.”

For more details on the Bloodhound project, please visit www.bloodhoundssc.com

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