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Assembly Service Spotlight

Assembly Service Spotlight

Over their 40year history, Titan have remained committed to ensuring that the optimum solution for any application is always provided, from conception all the way through to production. This philosophy has meant that Titan is ideally placed to handle the assembly of products even if design or production services are not required.

Titan’s skilled assembly technicians are experienced engineers who are available to look after the assembly of components allowing the customers to focus their attention on other more important areas of business and in turn reduce costs.  


Titan provides a bespoke service dependent on the individual needs of its customers. As prototypes are often being built for clients, separate and secure assembly build areas are available allowing dedicated capacity and confidentiality. It is possible for Titan to manage assembly volumes from prototype all the way through to production levels, as well as managing complex supply chains including purchase of component parts and specific surface finish requirements.


At Titan it is paramount to maintain our quality reputation not just for Titan but also for the reputation and success of the customers. Each assembly process is carried out in clean environment and is supported with meticulous quality controls measures.


Not only are Titan’s assembly technicians highly experienced in steering, engine and drivetrain solutions but they are also skilled at being able to carry out complex engineering assemblies and the intricate, detailed assembly of safety and performance critical components. Recent development includes production of Resin Transfer Moulded (RTM) components used for improving aesthetics of vehicle interiors and in engine bays, as well as reducing weight.

Whether you are at the final stage of a full design and manufacture project, or have a stand-alone assembly job, please contact Stuart Rossin on on +44(0) 1480 474 402 or sales@titan.uk.net  for more details on our assembly services.

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