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Customer Focus: Autotune

Customer Focus: Autotune

Customer Focus: Autotune

Titan has been dealing with Autotune for many years, providing customised steering racks for a wide range of vehicles.

We caught up with them recently to find out what the steering racks had been fitted to, quite a collection!

1966 Chinook Mk2 Chevrolet – Rebuilt by Autotune for Canadian Jay Esterer, Titan rack fitted to replace original damaged rack.  Driven by Jay to a ‘debut’ victory in the Whitsun Trophy at the fabulous Goodwood Revival meeting in 2011, 2nd in 2012, 3rd in 2014+15 

Maki F101 – Infamous 1974 Japanese built Formula One car- Rebuilt by Autotune in 2015, Titan rack used to replace the original which had been lost in the 30+ years of it being left as an unloved pile of parts!  Due to return to the track with new owner in 2017!

McBegg – Rebuild of a famous NZ made sports racing car built by George Begg out of McLaren parts he rescued from the McLaren junk pile in 1968!   Car rebuilt in 2010 by former McLaren founding team member Wally Willmott over in NZ. New replacement chassis, some suspension pieces and Titan steering rack supplied by Autotune.

For more information on Autotune please visit their website at http://www.autotuneuk.com/

More details of our steering rack solutions can be found in the products section of this website.

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