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Dry Sump Success for Titan and SBD Motorsport

Dry Sump Success for Titan and SBD Motorsport

Titan have been one of the trusted partners of SBD Motorsport ever since the inception of the specialist engine builder in 1992.

So, when called upon by its customers to look for a specific solution for a dry sump kit for the 1.6l Ford Ecoboost engine, it was only natural for SBD to contact Titan to collaborate on this project.

As is the policy for SBD, parts are generally over engineered to ensure that the parts are reliable even in the face of being pushed excessively. As a result, the project centred on increasing the efficiency of the scavenge pump, and ensuring that it still worked even after the engine has experienced significant wear.

Steve Broughton, SBD’s founder remarks on working with Titan; “We have a very good relationship with Titan. We work with them not only on the design of the component itself, but we also look at the production engineering of it to ensure that it is efficient to manufacture whilst still maintaining the quality.”

Over the years, Titan have become the “go-to-guys” for SBD’s larger projects. Titan’s ability to turn prototype parts around quickly, which are then tested on SBD’s own equipment and vehicles to verify the design and quality, make them an extremely valuable partner for SBD. And yet, as Steve explains, that is but one of the drivers for SBD to work with Titan; “Obviously, the quality of what Titan produce is excellent, but one of the best aspect for me is that they are always completely transparent with their costs, so you know what you are committing to in advance. We have had experiences in the past with other firms where all of a sudden quite a few “hidden costs” come out of the woodwork afterwards, occasionally rendering the project unviable. We don’t get that with Titan, so that, coupled with their excellent quality control and customer service, makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

For more information on the dry sump kit, visit the SBD page here.

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