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New Zealand born aircraft engineer Peter McEwen, together with business partner Chris Smith, founded Raceline in 1994 following career in F1 with the Brabham team.  The company specialises in the design and manufacture of engine parts for high performance engines.  Over the years, Raceline have built up a wide network of suppliers, and Titan have been a regular supplier to Raceline for a number of years.

Given Peter’s aerospace background, Raceline adopt a rigorous testing philosophy in the design and production of all their products.   In the past, they used to borrow people’s car to road test their components, but it dawned on Peter that by applying the same engineering diligence to all parts of the car, he could produce a car himself.  What began as a “background” project a few years ago has since evolved into a major project with the first two chassis being constructed following the successful design, build and testing of the initial prototype.

Raceline have worked together with a number of partners on the development of the car, and some of the products developed for the car, have subsequently been turned into successful products in their own right and have been fitted to other UK manufactured sportscars.   Raceline’s Dry Sump Kit, one of many Titan manufactured parts on the car, is one such component as Peter explains:

“Having worked with Titan over the years, I had a good appreciation of what they can bring to the table.  I approached Titan to production engineer the sump kit after we had made the initial prototype, and we quickly developed an excellent collaborative working relationship.“  He continues: “Titan’s experience and expertise is what sets them apart from others.  As they can do virtually all production processes, they can offer a huge range of solutions to make sure you end up with exactly the right product in terms of function, quality and costs.”

Alongside the sump kit, Titan also produce the flywheel assembly, cam cover, throttle system, steering rack, upright assembly and pedals.  Peter explains why he relies on Titan for many of these safety critical elements: “The overall knowledge Titan have is fantastic.  They moved from producing complete cars to specialised components and it is this experience that means I can rely on them to do the job right.   They have people with the right knowledge and experience working the machines, and they are great at assisting with material choices and heat treatment options and the like.”

One of the most enduring aspects of Raceline’s relationship with Titan is that Titan are there whenever they require help.  “I have to say I am very happy with the relationship.  They continue to look after us, even if we are not their biggest client.  They won’t let you down.” He states. 

“With the McEwen, we are trying to go for something a little unique as we see no point in building another Caterham.  We are trying to maintain the original values and heritage of true British sportscars and it is great to be able to work with a company like Titan who understands that, and can deliver exactly what it is we are after.”

The McEwen is scheduled to go into limited production later in 2014.

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