Staff Profile: Oz Timms

Staff Profile: Oz Timms

Titan’s chairman and co-owner Oz Timms, born Laurance Ralph Timms in 1948 in Thame, Oxfordshire hails from a family of blacksmiths. After school and helping in the family business, Oz joined Martin Engine Developments where he started machining parts for F1 cars. His prowess stood out early on as aged just 16, Oz was featured on the front page of a newspaper with the headline “16 year old school boy makes Formula 1 crankshaft”.

Oz eventually moved over to Charles Lucas Engineering where he became foreman of the workshop creating F1 components. After the company relocated to Huntingdon, Charles Lucas left. OZ was part of the team to take the business over and as they were producing Titan Cars at the time, it was decided to rename the business Titan Cars. Over the following years the business progressed to where it is today, employing 65 number of people and working with some of the top marques in the automotive and motorsport industries.

Having worked his way up through roles in the design and manufacturing departments, Oz’s current role as chairman of the business makes him responsible for instigating innovation and looking into modern methods of manufacturing, in addition to raising the company’s profile wherever possible. Oz is also responsible for Titan’s policy of investing in its staff and the working environment to ensure that Titan can maintain at the forefront of high performance component design and manufacture.

“I’ve always enjoyed solving technical challenges” he states, “and I really enjoy the whole process of developing a product from start to finish, so I enjoy what I do. The fact that Titan’s products are in vehicles on roads and racetracks around the world I think is testament to the fact that we do a good job here.” Oz continues: “I believe that this all stems from the fact that I, and all the other people at Titan, get a massive amount of pleasure and satisfaction from creating the products and successfully helping our customers overcome engineering challenges.”

Not one to sit still, Oz engages in a myriad of activities when he is not working in the business. Gardening, travelling, reading, doing sport and socialising all feature, despite Oz also having dogs and Alpacas to look after. “What can I say? I love life in general, so it’s good to experience new things and keep moving forward.” He says. “I don’t think I am very good at sitting still…”

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